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A Therapeutic Poem

Updated: Jan 19, 2021

My unique, authenticity to communicate so free,

Will show others how their life could be,

By connecting and talking to people like me,

I learned and discovered who I want to be.

People say our personality,

we shouldn’t change,

Not realising, it was born

from past experiences, thoughts and pain,

We're told about personality change

in a negative way,

we aren’t born with this baggage,

So, It doesn’t have to stay.

Don’t make changing it feel negative,

Because growth and change are imperative,

You're on your own journey so don't feel competitive,

When it comes to life, get some perspective,

Don't be a victim, be the executive

Treating loved ones shows our state of being,

If you treat them right, it'll be freeing,

I promise that's true, I'm guaranteeing

People who lie and pretend life's fine,

Trying to hide but the truth sneaks from behind,

They only worsen their mood and mind,

They need to face reality, to stop being blind,

Instead of being confined to box of lies

Your state of being and feelings determine your days,

Different emotions make us act in certain ways

By learning to manage your feelings,

You can condition yourself to change,

Developing skills to react to situations

In a more positive and effective way.

Have you been unkind to yourself,

Have you become trapped in your mind?

Have you stop seeing the value in yourself,

To treat your self-unkind.

Do you need to change your personality?

Do you need to release from past pain?

Do you need to manage your recent behaviour?

Do you need help to find inner self gain.

Understand your personality,

is collection of your thoughts,

familiar patterns, created by things that have happened

your environment, Experiences, things we were taught.

We assume this is our personality,

Becoming consistence to this life

Our mind reacts on auto pilot,

Not knowing this is not right.

Our personality, is made up

Of what we THINK, FEEL, & DO

So why don’t we change our lives

By changing how we FEEL, ACT & DO

So here is my tip for the new year,

We can condition ourselves,

To be certain way,

Then condition our personality

Transforming ourselves to act in a different way

So we then create our personality

In a more powerful way.

If These 3 things build your personality,

Which then becomes our personal reality

If we change how we THINK, ACT & FEEL,

Our life experience will change for real,

Today is a new year

Why not Start the Journey, of finding the real you

Remember How we behave in life,

Is a reflection of who we are,

So, if we want to attract a nice life,

We need to change the things we usually do,

Stop living our life on auto pilot

Stop behaving impulsively,

Let’s plan our week, day by day

Let’s try doing things we have been scared to do,

That way you’ll learn new hobbies,

Develop self awareness,

Create the new you.

Learn new feelings, experiencing new motions,

Developing new skills to cope with the new you.

Jacquie Burgwin-Turner©

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