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Aubrey's Angels Transforming Lives LTD

At Aubrey's Angels, we help New Coaches, Social workers, Nurses, Civil servants, and Individuals to start their own businesses in the field, face and overcome daily challenges, and to be the highest and the very best versions of themselves. 

Aubrey's Angels Coaching Academy is a transformative coaching organization that specializes in empowering individuals to create real, lasting change in their lives. Led by Jacquie Burgwin Turner, the founder, the academy offers a unique approach to coaching that combines positive psychology principles with practical strategies.

One of the key areas of focus at Aubreys Angel Coaching Academy is emotional intelligence coaching. This process helps individuals develop and enhance their emotional intelligence skills, enabling them to understand and manage their emotions effectively and improve their interpersonal relationships.

The academy caters to individuals who may be feeling unfulfilled in their current jobs, uncertain about their next career move, or seeking a greater sense of purpose. Jacquie believes that true change begins from within and helps clients tap into their inner power to uncover limiting beliefs and self-doubt that may be holding them back.

Aubreys Angel Coaching Academy specializes in various niches, including mid-life transitions. Whether clients are struggling with a career change, a divorce, or simply feeling lost in mid-life, Jacquie provides guidance and support to navigate this challenging time with grace and confidence.

Emotional regulation is another area of expertise at the academy. Clients who are tired of feeling like their emotions are controlling them can benefit from the coaching program, which helps build emotional resilience and develop the skills needed to stay calm and centered, even in stressful and uncertain situations.

For women navigating life after divorce, Aubreys Angel Coaching Academy offers a specialized coaching program for divorce recovery. Jacquie provides the support needed to heal, grow, and create a bright new future after the end of a marriage.

Overall, Aubreys Angel Coaching Academy is committed to empowering individuals to unlock their true potential, live a life of purpose, joy, and fulfillment, and overcome any obstacles that stand in their way. Through transformative coaching, clients can create the life they've always dreamed of. 

Our Mission:


The Areas We Work On:

  • Achieving Goals

  • Addiction 

  • Anxiety

  • Career issues

  • Childhood Problems

  • Compulsive Behaviour    

  • Concentration

  • Confidence

  • Depression 

  • Drinking

  • ​Drugs 

  • Eating Problems

  • Exams

  • Exercise Motivation

  • Fears

  • Food /Diet

  • Gambling 

  • Guilt 

  • Motivation

  • Panic Attacks

  • ​Procrastination

  • Public Speaking

  • Relationships

  • Relaxation

  • Self Esteem

  • Sleep Problems

  • Smoking

  • Stress

  • Weight Problems

Our Values:








Integrity and Innovation


Never give up

Jacquie Burgwin Turner Aubreys Angels.jpeg







Lives and



Jacquie Burgwin Turner


T - is it true?

- is it helpful?

I - is it inspiring?

N - is it necessary?

K - is it kind?

Jacquie Burgwin Turner

My Training Expertise & Credentials:

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My Experience:

  • I began my professional career as a mental health support worker on the adults acute wards Penn hospital

  • 19 years' experience as a social worker

  • 10 years as a senior team leader in domiciliary services care coordinator and an independent social work practitioner

  • I enrolled at the University of Central England in 1999 and qualified as a Social Worker in 2001

  • Gained vital experience and became a unique expert in generic & mental health social work, due to preferring to use an eclectic approach when devising treatment plans

  • My first role as an older adults social worker was at the guest hospital in Dudley

  • I took up a 6 month social worker/education role at Nacre Youth Offenders Organisation where I delivered basic skills like English & Maths

  • I transferred roles to an adult local mental health team as a social worker/talk therapist

  • I found my passion in mental health and stepped into the children mental health services, as a therapeutic social worker, joining a new pioneered project with primary and secondary school children:

  • - The key team (CAMHS) education/behavioural project, special unit on young people excluded from education due to mental health issues or in care

  • - (2001) Using Creative therapy, talk therapy, community creative programmes, in collaboration with maths & English in the community.  Delivering therapeutic intervention to children 5 - to 17 years

  • At this point I took up a role out of hours crisis intervention &, suicide prevention with The Samaritans

  • After 2 years I joined the children society, securing a role in the remand review officer department, in a new exciting role as a mental health prison social worker in Stoke Heath Prison for 10 – 17 years

  • I specialized in innovative individual and group programs for young offenders under the intermediate treatment scheme of the 1990s, before moving into adult services

  • With my career on​ ​the rise in mental health, I took up a role as a youth justice social worker at Wellington Youth Offenders Team, providing talk therapy/restorative justice

  • I was then transferred to the Court Team, in a more senior role on the supervising court social work team:  YOT social workers,

  • My role was the main Court Officer in Telford & Shropshire, which covered Shrewsbury Crown Court, Telford Magistrates court and Market Drayton Magistrates Court

  • My career evolved when I accepted the role as forensic senior social worker in Shelton, Hospital Medium Secure Unit / & St. Georges Secure Unit, Raeside Hospital/secure unit, 

  • Continuing to enhance my knowledge in mental health, I perused my career in that area - working for the NHS I received in-depth training in a variety of therapy techniques. Such as: CBT, DBT, ACT,

  • I worked with patients diagnosed with BPD, PTSD, Schizophrenia, Addictions, Depression, Anxiety, Childhood Problems, Compulsive Behaviour, Relationships, Self-Esteem/Confidence, Stress, Weight Problems, Split Personality Disorder, etc.

  • After completing my Diploma in Counselling, I developed a passion for Psychotherapy, training in Positive Psychology - completing a certificate in meaning, values and emotional intelligence

  • I realised my talent in communication skills, which enabled me to connect with individuals with severe mental health issues - emotionally, physically and mentally

  • Over the next few years I found myself working for several local authorities, now an agency, working in a multi-disciplinary team as a mental health social worker, in Dudley, in the following teams and units:

  • - Cottage Street CAMHS, Community mental health team

  • - Ladies Walk LMHU (local mental health unit)

  • - Russell’s Hall Hospital Social Work Team, (Worcestershire)

  • - CMHT (Edward Parry Centre)

  • - Out of hour crisis team (Black pole)

  • - Bromsgrove LD/PD team

  • - Kidderminster Hospital. (The Robertson Centre)

  • - CMHT ,adults social work review team, County Hall, Wolverhampton Hospital/PD social work team

  • - Sandwell Hospital Social Work Team

  • - Forensic Social Worker

  • - Gerry Simon Forensic Unit

  • - Penrose Low Secure LD forensic unit

  • - The Larches /low secure unit

  • Since 2015, I've worked independently providing consultancy and training with a range of social work charities/events

  • I continued to study, became a member of the professional speaker’s academy, and established myself as a social entrepreneur with my first business venture: "Aubrey’s Angels" which created breathing space for carers / the vulnerable

  • Now as a registered Social Support Ltd company, I've expanded to delivering social care creativity training, Mental Health & Wellbeing Training, and Workshops - such as a  therapeutic mental health therapy intervention, workshop as a transformational therapist doing collaborative projects

  • In 2017 I developed my social community micro business to Aubrey’s Angels social support & wellbeing consultancy. 

  • My business went from strength to strength, expanding by implementing counselling services

  • I attended public speaking events and was now a registered member of the Professional Speakers Academy, specialising as a transformational speaker/therapist

  • I've transformed lives using an eclectic approach, devised individual treatment plans for the amazing people who I've served, and delivered workshops on good mental health and well-being

  • I've used professional speaking to transform the attitudes, in care, life coaching, managing your mental health, the importance of emotional management, and I've offered ongoing therapy, enabling individuals to  cope with daily life stresses

  • My responsibilities vary according to my work setting:

  • - Correctional Facilities which supported individuals in correctional, supporting inmates at the moment of their incarceration, throughout their internment, and upon their release

  • - Core duties include: arranging  and participating in MDT, Prisons remand services, I have provided support services, psychiatric evaluations, and risk assessments to people in custody

  • I have completed triaged referrals and determined if clients required special housing and/or psychiatric services - i.e. psychiatric housing, suicide watch housing, individual therapy, requesting medication reviews if required

  • Completed mental health evaluations and risk assessments conducted in in prisons or institutions meeting the mental and physical health needs of inmates

  • Supporting individuals suffering from trauma, mental health problems, substance abuse and emotional regulation issues providing emotional support and counselling, and in severe cases recommend specialized housing/placements. CPA’s Safeguarding:

  • - Community and Residential

  • - High Profile and Complex Case Management

  • - Creating and Reviewing Care Plans including 24 hour care packages

  • - Building relationships: being personable, listening, respecting wishes and feelings, and using value-based communication       skills

  • - Maintaining and repairing relationships: demonstrating empathy and understanding

  • - Appropriate ending of relationships:

  • Assessment, support and care planning: people with experience require support to realise their choices and protect their human right

  • Understanding social, psychological and medical models of learning disability:

  • - How these shape services and the relative power they may have in determining support and service choices

  • - The medical model of learning disability, including the use of IQ and emphasis on diagnosis of a physical or developmental condition(s) (e.g. cognitive and neurological impairments)

  • - The focus is on treatment interventions and what can or cannot be changed through medications or other physical interventions

  • Mental capacity best practice - Mental Capacity Act, 2005:

  • - In the specialist field the  knowledge of mental capacity was a top priority

  • - This is a complex interdisciplinary area of practice touching on profound questions about individual autonomy, the law (the rights of people to make decisions for themselves and safeguarding duties towards those who are considered not to have decision specific mental capacity

  • - Due to more people living in the community with complex needs, mental capacity is increasingly an important area of practice

  • I worked as part of the Forensic Team which served as extra training to ensure that my practice would be of the highest standards, ensuring good social work practice

  • Knowledge about the historical, theoretical, and ethical contexts of mental capacity practice, supported decision-making, and human rights

  • Understand the key principles of the MCA and the Liberty Protection Safeguards and their interface with the Care Act 2014 and Mental Health Act 1983

  • Engage in regular reflection on the complex ethics of social work practice concerning mental capacity

  • As social worker, our values, and ethics, and how we approach our work. includes the domains:

  • – Values and Ethics

  • – Diversity and Equality

  • – Rights, Justice and Economic Wellbeing

  • I combined my personal values behaviour, knowledge, and skills to help people achieve the outcomes that mean the most to them

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